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Welcome to jdisc, your "One Stop Shopping" for entire Discographies of Japanese Artists! Our purpose is to create a sister community to music_and_more to house the numerous complete discographies uploaded by your maintainers, scarreddragon and sakurakessho, and to keep these discographies up to date and downloadable.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only guarantee these are official discographies... indies albums, unofficial albums/songs on collections, collaborations and lives... these we will endeavor to include, however we can't always get everything! You can be sure each discography will contain the official releases as described on each artists official site, the link to which will be included with every post. Any extras we have we will often upload, as "other" or "indies" etc. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING NOT ON THE LIST! Please, please, let us know, even if it is a remix or something like that! Uploading these extras for us get you perks. If we ever are missing something, it will be clearly labeled, and again, perks for uploading that stuff as well. ^^


The rules here basically restate those at music_and_more with one notable exception:

You MUST join music_and_more in order to join this community!

1. Members of music_and_more will automatically be accepted into the community, but as of right now you must join it yourselves. Those who aren't in music_and_more wont be added, no exceptions. My reasons for this are simple: first, it makes things easier for me to keep track of, and I don't have to worry about making friends only posts and such. Only discographies will be posted. Second, I don't think its fair to make the members of music_and_more go through the joining process again for something that was previously available to them; many of the posts now here were originally posted at music_and_more.

2. Commenting when you download is a MUST. Many of these are first uploaded to sakurakessho's server, which costs money to maintain. The links are later transferred onto a free and semi-permanent uploader service. Nevertheless, the server links remain, and it is only polite to thank the poster for their hard work in uploading. Discographies are generally big, and took a lot of collecting and work to find and download. They are being provided to you because we like you, but we appreciate comments. ^_^

3. I don't tolerate rudeness. I'm generally an easy-going person, but even I get annoyed sometimes; flames and rude comments will do it. Posts against certain artists or other members will quickly get you banned. We expect the same kind of atmosphere and behavior here as in music_and_more, and by limiting the members here to those already members there, this helps cut down on possible conflicts. I am, however, fair. I will often give a warning before taking action. If you heed the warning, we wont have any problems.

4. Beyond commenting if you download, we strongly encourage you to let us know if a link has died by commenting on the tagboard, just like in music_and_more. We will reupload it as quickly as possible. Also, if you notice a mistake in the discography itself, something not uploaded, or something that shouldn't be there, please let us know nicely! We will research the anomaly and decide what to do from there. Eventually, discographies may be posted even if they are not quite complete in the hope that someone will upload what is missing. However, we will always warn you what exactly is missing from those posts. And at this point, we have enough of the complete done before needing to post the incomplete.

5. Lastly, in the same vain as number 4, if an artist releases something new, we will endeavor to post it into the discography post as quickly as possible. Updates for these artists will be posted first in music_and_more, then added here later. If you notice that we did not post the newest release of an artist that we have a discography for, please wait at least a WEEK after its initial release before letting us know... we could just be lazy and want to wait before updating :)

6. The usual... music is for sampling purposes only. Please delete off your computer in the legal amount of time for your area. Also, please support the artists! It is much nicer to have a CD in your hand than on the computer, and cooler too... some of the booklets are really nice! Here are some sites for that:

CD Japan
Hmv Japan


AAA (Attack All Around)
Amuro Namie
Angela Aki
BoA: Japanese / Korean
The Brilliant Green
Hata Motohiro
High and Mighty Color
Hinoi Asuka
Hinoi TEAM
Ito Yuna
Kamiki Aya
Kawabe Chieco
Maekin Trance Project
Matsuura Aya
Missile Innovation
Nakashima Mika
Natori Kaori
Otsuka Ai
Rie Fu
Round Table feat. Nino
Suite Chic
Tamaki Nami
Takahashi Hitomi
Tsuchiya Anna
Ueto Aya


Obviously, music_and_more is our sister community.
...more coming soon


Name: scarreddragon
Also known as: SD or Rhi
Favorite Artists: BENNIE K, Kagrra, Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi, mink, Rurutia, K, Nightmare, An Cafe, ELLEGARDEN, YUI, AKFG, Natori Kaori, ARIA... *takes deep breath* ... Ueto Aya, Utada Hikaru, Gackt, SOULHEAD, m-flo, Kiroro, Tommy, Brilliant Green.... and the list goes on ^^;;
~~Email: rhiannon3j@yahoo.com
~~AIM: rhi3j

Name: sakurakessho
Also known as: Sakura, Saku, Tanya
Favorite Artists: Sweetbox, Ceyren, FictionJunction YUUKA and the rest, mink, Nakanomori BAND, Tsukiko Amano, Ueto Aya... umm... *thinks* there's more... but I can't remember them all. ^^;;;
~~Email: silvertsukuyomi@gmail.com
~~AIM: sakurakessho
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~~And of course... Always LJ but most of my messengers are always on~
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